Broderick Harvey Jr. Only Had His Father Full-Time from Age 16: Meet Steve Harvey’s Son

Broderick Harvey Jr. Only Had His Father Full-Time from Age 16: Meet Steve Harvey’s Son

After divorcing Broderick’s mother, renowned show presenter Steve Harvey was not there in Broderick Harvey Jr.’s life “full-time.” However, once Steve tried to bring the family together, the father and son repaired their connection and started a business.

Although Broderick is best known as Steve Harvey’s son, the businessman has established himself in the fashion and photography fields. Broderick started his clothing brand and entered the business world with his father after completing his studies in art at the university.

As the host of The Steve Harvey Show, Family Feud, and Celebrity Family Feud, Steve Harvey has established himself as a man of many talents. In addition, he is a businessman, an author, an actor, and a comedian.

On April 29, 1991, Broderick was born in the United States; he was given the name of his father, and after his parents’ divorce, was brought up by his mother in Cleveland. When Broderick moved to Atlanta to live with his father permanently when he was 16 years old,

his mother disapproved of the decision. Nevertheless, Broderick said: At 16, I knew that’s what I needed as a man. Broderick played basketball and soccer while attending North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia, after finishing primary school,

despite pursuing art as his major in college. In high school, where he focused on the arts and sciences, he also shown a liking for the visual arts. Broderick currently resides in Los Angeles, according to his LinkedIn profile. His years of employment have given him a variety of skills,

including graphic design, marketing, and creation of music and movies. His net worth is thought to be $3 million due to his professional success. Through the Harvey Charity Foundation, which provides outreach services to support the development of local leaders, he spends his time giving back to society.

Steve’s first wife, Marcia Harvey, gave birth to Broderick in 1981, and the two later separated in 1994. Steve was still developing as a comedian and was employed as a salesman. His frequent absences from home led to the dissolution of his marriage.

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